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Banana & Mango “Ice Cream”

4 Jan

Between the insanity that was Christmas and the craziness leading up to New Year’s Eve, I’ve hardly had time to post. Things have been very busy in our part of the world; The Husband and I are officially moving to the UK on 25th January, so you can imagine how hectic things have been for us. To top it all off, it’s been disgustingly hot. The temperature hit 40 degrees Celsius (that’s around 105 Fahrenheit) the day before yesterday, and the entire city has been sweltering. It’s been way too hot to even think of turning on the oven.

Needless to say, I’ve had a massive craving for ice cream during the heatwave. The problem is, though, that I love ice cream a little too much – once I start eating it, especially on a hot day, I pretty much can’t stop myself from devouring it. Self control is not my strong suit. After speaking to my sister several days ago, she mentioned that she’d been freezing fruit and blending it to create creamy, guilt-free desserts for the stifling evenings. What could be better? I was intrigued.

I must confess that in my hurry to try this out, I didn’t bother pre-freezing the fruit before blending it. If you want an intensely creamy dessert, I’d suggest the pre-freezing. However, the final result without the frozen fruit was still lovely. It ended up being somewhere in between ice cream and sorbet in texture, which was actually lovely on a boiling hot night, as the slight iciness gave it a refreshing edge and ever so slight crunch.

This is probably the easiest “ice cream” in the entire world, as well as being among the healthiest. It has only two ingredients and is sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and egg-free. Literally ANYONE can make and eat this – you don’t even need an ice cream maker. And the best part of having a super-healthy dessert in the freezer? You can chow on it at any time of day without worrying about it going straight to your thighs. Winner!


4 large, ripe bananas

2 large ripe mangoes

If you’re after a super-creamy product, peel and roughly chop the bananas and mangoes (removing the stones from the mangoes) and freeze overnight in a container. Otherwise, simply peel roughly chop the fruit and use it fresh if you’d prefer a slightly more sorbet-like result.

Place fruit pieces in a food processor ( a blender would also do nicely) and process for around 2 minutes, or until completely smooth. The consistency of the mixture should resemble a thick soup.

LineĀ  a shallow, freezer-safe container (I used a relatively shallow square ceramic dish) with plastic wrap, which will make it easier to remove “ice cream” in the next step. Pour the blended fruit mixture into the lined container and place in the freezer for 2 hours.

After 2 hours, remove the container from the freezer – the sides of the mixture should be starting to freeze. Place fruit mixture back into the food processer and process again for 1 – 2 minutes. If you’re planning on removing the finished “ice cream” from the freezer container onto a nicer serving dish, then re-line the container with plastic wrap at this point before pouring the mixture back into the container to make removal easier. Otherwise, simply pour the blended fruit back into the freezer container.

Freeze for 2 -3 hours until firm.

Remove from the freezer 15 minutes prior to serving to soften. If you used pre-frozen fruit, use an ice cream scoop to serve. If you used fresh fruit, cut into rough chunks and serve.