Tea Party

30 Sep

Last weekend, my husband and I had the house to ourselves. We’re currently living with my parents for a variety of reasons (the most important being that we’re trying to save as much money as possible), and while in some ways it’s helpful, it also means that we don’t tend to have a lot of opportunity to entertain. So, when my folks took off for a weekend away, I pounced on the opportunity to have our friends over on a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon.

With the help of my dear friend Lauren, I had ridiculous amounts of fun putting together my take on an afternoon tea extravaganza. We made cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, scones with strawberry jam and mountains of whipped cream, and dozens of cupcakes. We had strawberries and cream, drank gallons of tea, lemonade and strawberry lemonade (which is the easiest thing ever and tastes GORGEOUS) and devoured about ten thousand biscuits. To be blunt, my stomach was in heaven.

Tea Party

It ended up being a lovely, relaxing afternoon. It was nice at least pretending to be mature, well-bred adults (because let’s face it, tomorrow is the AFL Grand Final and all pretence of decorum will inevitably fly out the window with the blast of the opening siren).

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