Hello, Treacle!

15 Sep

Welcome to my brand new baking blog!

This idea has been a long time in the making. I’ve been blogging over at livejournal for several years and I always end up posting random photos and recipes from my kitchen adventures on my personal account there. I’ve enjoyed my (albeit sporadic) food blogging so much that I thought it was high time I dedicated a totally separate space to it.

This will be a place for recipes, photos and general baking-related awesomeness. I’m so excited to get cracking!

As a side note, why is it so difficult to find a half decent blog name these days? I had my heart set on naming this baby ‘Hello, Treacle!’, but that dream was quickly and brutally destroyed. Then I went for Cloudberry Kitchen (after hours of trying every vaguely cooking-related word combination that I could think of) only to discover after creating it that there’s another Cloudberry Kitchen on Blogger. So, here we are…third time’s a charm, right? I don’t even care that I just discovered another Cloudberry Dreams blog. I’m nowhere near creative enough to come up with something totally original, so this one’s sticking! 🙂

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